Eurotech European Auto Repair
55 N. Tropical Trail Merritt Island, FL 32953 US
Phone: 321-305-5206 Website:


EUROTECH European auto repair
55 N. Tropical Trail. Suite C
Merritt Island FL. 32953
Mon - Fri,  8am - 5pm

      What Sets Us Apart From The Dealer?

          It's our mileage or condition based services.
  Instead of selling you a predetermined package only based on mileage. We preform a full service oil change and inspection. 
Then we recommend any  further service items that are needed. Not all cars are driven under the same conditions. So not all cars will need the same services at any given mileage. We feel this gives the customer a fair assessment of what the car needs. And prevents customers from being overcharged for services that are not necessary.
               What about my warranty?

 You didn't compromise when you bought your car and there's no need to compromise when you are having it serviced. We can complete all the scheduled maintenance to keep your car in top condition as well as maintain your factory or after market warranty. All without the inflated price the dealers charge.

We can get you the right part.

  We only use original equipment parts for all our repairs. If your doing your own repair and need quality parts, we can get them for you. No need to pay the big dealer markup. Let us get you the right part at the right price.

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